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What is Samvardhan Gyaankulam? Is it a school, a hobby class, or a substitute for school? The answer is much deeper than these questions imply.

Samvardhan Gyaankulam, affectionately known as Samgyaa, is the result of a decade of experience and out-of-the-box thinking by a group of parents residing in the suburbs of Mumbai. These parents decided to provide their children with a unique and unconventional education. The experiences of the children who have been educated in this manner are truly remarkable. While Samgyaa offers everything that a traditional "school" would provide, the approach and process are significantly different. It allows children to explore ideas and concepts in ways that may not be possible in other educational settings. So, what exactly is Samvardhan Gyaankulam?

Samgyaa is a learning space that offers a diverse range of topics for knowledge acquisition, which is then transformed into practical applications in life. It provides a complete "school experience" for children, but with significant differences from conventional schools.